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Tha Rollo
Being thankful not only shows good manners, but a simple expression of thankfulness can go a long way in relationships and communication with others. It not only enhances our own lives, but makes other people feel appreciated.

Erin Smoak
I worked with APMS for five years while I was living in Richmond and renting out a townhouse; I was pleased with APMS’s services. They communicated quickly, efficiently and honestly with me and I appreciated them looking out for my place, taking care of repairs, and giving me fair pricing for these repairs. I also really appreciated them advertising my place online for rent. Doug was very easy to work with, especially when I decided to sell my place. I could always easily get in touch with him. Thank you.

Shunzi Li
I have been living here for more than three years. This is a nice and safe place with good neighborhood. Doug and his management team did a great job managing and maintaining the property. Great service, professional manner. When I asked for anything, I got response right away. They just made everything convenient for me. Highly recommended!

Eric Barkey
It is amazing how many wonderful services this company provides. They truly know their business and how to perform in an efficient, professional manner.

Brian Bence
Association & Property Management Services LLC are professionals, and handle every client with care. They are good at presenting options and following through by implementing a plan just for you or your organization. Highly recommended!!!